Get Approved for a Car Loan

On average, it takes about one to two days for a car loan to be processed for approval. Several factors can help influence the approval process. That's why getting approved could be fast for some and slow for others, like if a person has bad credit. Either way, Selma Mazda is here to help, so there are several factors that can influence the wait for car loan approval.

Application and Eligibility

Applying for a car loan is the first step, and it requires Visalia residents to submit basic details about themselves such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc. When filling out this information, we'll also ask other questions, such as if the person is over 18 or their income. This helps us determine if someone is a good candidate for lending money and paying back the loan.

Credit Check

When we conduct a credit check, we're looking to see how well someone has paid back their debts. In most cases, a government ID is required to proceed like a drivers' license, passport, etc. Credit checks, when generally conducted fast, but this process can be slowed down by an applicant taking more time to submit their ID. Once a Madera or Clovis driver passes their credit check, they'll be approved for a selection of loans. For other customers, they may need to submit further documentation.

Learn More About Our Dealership

Getting approved for a car loan is not only a great way for Fresno locals to get the car they want, but it can also help them establish or rebuild their credit score. Our Selma dealership is always here to help our customers however we can. That's why we work with people regardless of their credit score. If you feel your finances or credit score is holding you back, visit Selma Mazda and let us help.